Scalable technology that
boosts creativity
and keeps the budgets low
We are
RefaceAI is a deep-tech company with a breakthrough ML & AI technology for face swapping in videos. We provide a ready-to-use AI tool to create more engaging and personalized content.
You need any source video and only one picture with a face to generate a high-quality face swap.
Source video
Swapped video
Identity image
How the technology
Detecting faces
in the source video
And define who is who on the video
Extracting face
embeddings from the photo
The one you want to swap into video
Applying AI for
generating a face swap
By creating a new image, not just putting
one face over another
Apply RefaceAI
the way it fits you
A web service to boost your creativity and cut costs
  • Choose any source video or GIF
  • Take one photo with a face
  • Push the button to apply AI
  • Get the freakishly realistic face swap
Unlimited amount of swaps for custom ideas and projects
  • We prepare our API and documentation
  • We create a special access key - token
  • You use our token to integrate the API into website or app
  • We support you 24/7
Made with our technology
Viral face swap app for GIFs
Make your favorite GIF memes personal with just one selfie.
(IOS / Android)
Realistic face swap for images
Become anyone in just a few seconds.
(IOS / Android / Web)
Drop us a line to discuss any
questions or ideas.