Our technology helps you to generate real ad campaigns with Kanye West without asking Kanye to leave his home. We want you to keep creating — even with the whole world locked down.
AI for a better tomorrow
RefaceStudio is a web service for advertising agencies, brands and creators that helps to produce creative ideas while keeping costs down.
Case studies
Vivienne Sabo: product launch campaign
People could just upload a photo to swap faces with one of the bright characters from the Tone De Cabaret commercial.
Movies, Cinema
Multiplex: face-swapping feature for posters
Being the leader on the market, Multiplex always strives to bring more personal and fascinating experience to its viewers.
How can we help
With RefaceAI you don’t have to go out to keep collaborating and creating — it’s about limitless creativity happening online. Here are only a few things we can solve for you:
Advertising & marketing
Impressive personalized commercials and activation campaigns that you can very well handle from your couch.
Affordable production
Marketing and advertising budget gets cut? We help you keep communications afloat at an affordable price.
Recalibrate to
Enrich your marketing with powerful well-meant messages that support your community in challenging times.
Marketing campaigns from your couch
It could be anything, from a fun feature for pranking friends in messengers to a professional toolkit for TikTok and Snapchat content creators.
On-the-spot brand activations
Go creative by letting people step into the shoes of game characters, craft personalized game promotion campaigns, and more.
Affordable production
Marketing and advertising budget gets cut? We help you keep communications afloat at an affordable price.
Here’s the deal
Get a free 7-day trial 😍 with 20 swaps to experience all the perks. Create for your brand and share feedback to help us grow. A win-win. 🎉
How the technology works
You need any source video and only
one picture with a face to generate a
high-quality face swap.
Detecting faces
in the source video
And define who is who on the video
Extracting face
embeddings from the photo
The one you want to swap into video
Applying AI for
generating a face swap
By creating a new image, not just putting
one face over another
What’s coming
SolutionsOn-demand solutions for face
On-demand solutions for face
swapping 😎
ConsultingConsulting on our ML approach
and production guidance.
Consulting on our ML approach
and production guidance 😎
CreationCreation of branded
campaignsin Doublicat
Creation of branded
campaignsin Doublicat 😎
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Let’s battle the crisis with creativity!